Private Sessions 

Due to the large amount of clearing that we do within the classes, and Dr Tom's busy schedule, private sessions are offered sparingly and start at $750 for a one-hour session. It’s a pre-requisite that you have taken one of the tele call series, bought the live class recordings, or attended a live class.
Shauna Teaken is available for phone/skype/in-person sessions as her schedule permits. Please email for details.

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Happy Mouth Sessions with a Practitioner.

In order to fully activate all the systems in the body to regrow or heal gums, bone or to activate tooth buds to grow new teeth, it's required to have 21 activations, one each day for 21 days. The process will also include clearings and verbal processes. It's simply a waste of time and money to not have the 21 day activations.

There are some other hands-on processes in Happy Mouth and these do not require 21 days of activation. Your practitioner will in your first meeting, discuss with you all the options and what's involved.

We have a listing fo Certified Practitioners here - find out if there are practitioners in your area.




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