Having a Happy Mouth™ Clarity Telecalls with Shauna Teaken, World Wide Coordinator & Facilitator of Happy Mouth.

The calls are at least one hour, recorded, and clearings provided in PDF form. They are $75 each, or $375 for all 6 (one call free).

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The information for these Zooms is background information that is helpful to know prior to taking a Happy Mouth class. This is because when Dr Tom presents a 3-day class - you will have enough background information so that you can understand what he is saying, and you’ve got the vocabulary, and you have got some foundation. So that everything he says will make a lot more sense.

Tom usually covers each of these topics in 10-15 minutes in the first day of the 3 day class. There's just not time in the 3 days to go deeper into this material. I am covering these part in the zooms over a longer period of time to make sure you got it.

We use the energetic clearings which you may or may not be familiar with from Access Consciousness - which is about unlocking or freeing ourselves from belief systems, family patterns, past traumas & experiences which limit the health and wellness of our bodies.

We will take an area such as gums, or decay or even food and digestion, and talk about the kinds of energies that can get stuck there and clear them. We'll be using the Happy Mouth clearing statement, which is a highly potent energetic clearing tool. Participants will be able to ask questions live or send them in before hand.

What we've noticed now that we've had 5 live classes, is that there's a lot of background information that Dr Tom doesn't get time to cover in the class. There's a lot of clearing from past lives, trauma and drama from this life that get's stuck in the mouth - around food, starvation, injuries to the mouth, speaking up, sex, self esteem - just about everything you can think of impacts our mouth and teeth.
If you can clear these, you have a much better possibility of changing what's going on in not just your mouth, but your whole body.
As Tom says -
"There's a lot of hidden energies in the mouth ... the mouth has become a source point for so many things that aren't working well in the body."

Our target is that this series will build a compendium or resource for practitioners and also people interested in creating change just for themselves. We will have calls around Gums, Ageing, Family and Genetics, self expression, regenerating the body and more.
The calls will be one hour, recorded, and clearings provided in PDF form. They are $75 each, or $375 for all 6 (one call free).

You can order a call or the whole series here

Call#6  GUMS - the foundation of healthy teeth and mouth. Whether it's gum recession (which is about ageing) or gum disease which has a variety of energetic connections, the gums play a huge role in the health of the whole body.

You can buy this one call, or any single call, or all 6 in the series (and get one free) Scroll down to register, let us know what you'd like. Different countries pay different prices.

Call#5 - Self Expression, Speaking Up & Speaking Out! Words can be one of the most potent forms of abuse, and of possibilities and change - so much is caught up in our expression through the mouth! Lifetimes of lies, curses, damnations, promises, healing, gifting, beauty and love! Oh my goodness!

Call#4 - Dentists, Dentistry and all that stuff. Fear of the dentist, resistance to the dentist. What if you loved your dentist and enjoyed your regular checkups? What if you could enhance what the dentist can do for you?

Call #3 What if you didn't have old teeth, receded gums, yellowing teeth, falling-out teeth as you got older?

Call #1 It's often said that digestion begins in the mouth.

On a purely physical level, if your saliva is not the correct PH or there's not enough of it, if your teeth are not functioning well, if your jaw is tense and hurting - then your digestion is 'off' right away. Now, if you also have issues about eating and food from this lifetime or others, about starving from lack of food or from a injury or disorder with the teeth or mouth, that is also going to impact you!

So in this call, we'll be looking at clearing all that and more! Whatever comes up around food, digestion, weight loss or weight gain.

Call #2 Genetics Families and DNA

With our mouths, teeth and gums - clearing genetics, predispositions to disease, family characteristics.
If your parents had 'bad' teeth do you have to have problems?

The recordings and replay are sent out after each call.


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